I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in such a long time but I promise you will be hearing more from me in the future.  I have some exciting things planned for the coming months…new patterns, some videos and a couple of surprises that I can’t share just yet…

For today, I wanted to share some information with you about a new doll on the market.  Well, new-ish.  It’s actually a revamp of an existing doll.  The Glitter Girls by Battat have gotten a makeover.  All the information that follows is courtesy of Bee Jacobs of A Bee Line.

Bee recently introduced me to these little cuties.  She already has one of her own – Eline – and has another on the way.

Glitter Girls Eline

Photo courtesy of Bee Jacobs

The thing that is special about these dolls is that they are poseable!  And they cost under $21 USD!  Can you believe it?  In addition to making them poseable, Battat has completely changed the face mold.  There are currently seven new Glitter Girls to choose from.

While a lot of poseable dolls have joints that allow them to bend their arms and legs, the Glitter Girls dolls have soft vinyl and a wire in their arms and legs that allow you to pose them.

Bee tells me that the Glitter Girls are almost exactly the same size as the Mattel WellieWisher dolls which is good news for those who sew!  Any patterns you have designed to fit WW or Hearts For Hearts dolls should fit.  They even have the same size feet as the WW dolls!  (All photos courtesy of Bee Jacobs).

From L-R: WellieWisher, Glitter Girl (updated), Glitter Girl (old version) and Hearts For Hearts

New Glitter Girl body vs. WellieWisher body

New Glitter Girl feet vs. WellieWisher feet

Eline sporting WellieWisher sized clothing made by Bee and older version Glitter Girl shoes

If you’d like to see how they bend, check out Bee’s video of her new doll posing.

Currently, these dolls seem to only be available in the US in some Targets and via Amazon.com.  Chapters Indigo is still selling the old version of these dolls online in Canada.  The good news is these dolls do ship to Canada from Amazon.com!

Also make sure you check out A Bee Line on Facebook and Etsy!

If you’re in the US and you’re looking for these girls, here are the links to them on Amazon (they won’t work for those of you outside the US):









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