You’ve got your flight suit.  You’ve got your goggles and your jetpack…but what’s your doll going to wear on their feet?  How about some boots that look like leather but sew up quickly and easily?

As I was working on the Steampunk Flight Suit patterns, I knew I would have to figure out what to make for my dolls’ feet.  Although I enjoy making doll footwear, I wasn’t relishing the thought of making several pairs of leather boots in addition to all the clothing pieces.  Then inspiration struck!  I had previously used my friend Marilyn’s (QTPie Doll Clothing) Sweater Mukluk pattern to make some boots for my Winter Mori Girl pattern, so I knew how fast, easy and versatile they are.  I had also recently purchased some leather look knit fabric.

I thought it would be really easy to make “leather look” boots with my knit fabric, but it is quite thin.  That’s when I hit on laminating the knit to some polar fleece!  They have about the same amount of stretch, and the polar fleece helps give the boot pieces structure.

I also wanted to build out the soles a little, to make them look more substantial, and wrap them in leather.

If you’ve never attempted to make doll footwear before, this is a good pattern to start with.  One tool that I find immensely helpful is having foot lasts to put my uppers on when I am attaching the soles.  One of my other doll friends and testers sells lasts for a variety of dolls – including AG and AGAT – in her Etsy Store, Nuclear Needle Arts.  If you don’t have lasts, you can always put the uppers on your doll to help them retain the right shape during construction.

Supplies for the Project:

Photos courtesy of Marilyn Clarkin-Summers – QTPie Doll Clothing
Photo courtesy of Kel Pedersen – Nuclear Needle Arts

In addition to the fabric yardage and supplies listed in the pattern, you will need:

  • Use a knit leather look fabric rather than those suggested in the pattern
  • Polar fleece (or similar fabric) in the same amount as your main boot fabric
  • 2mm craft foam in the same colour as your boot soles
    • For 18-inch dolls: 2 strips that are ¼ inch wide by 7¼ inches long
    • For AGAT dolls: 2 strips that are ¼ inch wide by 5¾ inches long
  • Thin leather or vinyl
    • For 18-inch dolls: 2 strips that are ⅜ inch wide by 7½ inches long
    • For AGAT dolls: 2 strips that are ⅜ inch wide by 6 inches long

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